Friday, July 9, 2010


Brilliant!!! We should all go see Eclipse (Twilight Saga) at midnight, wake up early and drive to Colorado while we sleep in the car. It was a fool proof plan, nothing could stop us, or so i thought.
I had just been on the phone with my friend Carly when she mentioned she was seeing eclipse at midnight, that sounded like fun, so i rounded up my siblings and asked if they wanted to go. The response was positive! So we went online to by tickets, we found that the movie theatre closest to us was all sold out, so we checked the next closest…BINGO!!! They had 12 open theatre's, so we bought tickets (we also invited our wonderful friend, Nicole, who was driving with us to Colorado in the morning).
Nicole got to our house at about 10:30 so we quickly left after she arrived, wanted to get a decent seat. We got there and saw a huge crowd of people, some with "blood" smeared faces others with Jacob and Edward shirts. Then we spot out cousins, who live half hour away. My younger sister were delighted, i also ended up spotting my friend Lauren, oh Joy!!!
Anyway, there is a huge line so we stand in it for all of 2 minutes before we see some other girls walk to the front, hand the man there tickets and go right in. We decide to try it, we surpass probably 100 or so people and hand the man our tickets ( by accident i purchased 2 senior tickets, saying ID was needed) nervous and worried that we would be sent back or not be aloud in due to our age. The boy ripped the tickets and let us go right in!!!
We sat in the theatre and waited for the movie to start for a little over an hour. Moriah filled Nicole in on the previous 2 movies ( when she sat down the first thing she said was " so what are these movies about). The movie finally begins...yaaaay!!!!
We are all enjoying the movie, totally indulged in Bella's world. Were about 15 minutes from the end, we are at the the ultimate climatic moment; the fight between Edward and Victoria (the vampire trying to kill Bella) Edward takes Victorias head in his hands and right before he smashes it the ground, the screen goes BLACK!!!!!
An uproar fills the theatre, i was still confused thinking this was part of the movie, it wasn't. A lady comes in and says this happened in 3 other theaters and that its being fixed. I run and go pee not wanting it to come back on till i've peed. I get back and then we wait for 20 minutes until a man comes in and spoke the dreaded words, SORRY GUYS IT CAN'T BE FIXED, SO YOU WILL ALL BE REFUNDED.
We actually found it a little comical, we were probably the only ones who felt this way. Knowing we couldn't do anything, we left... i've decided that these midnight movies might not be quite the adventure there supposed to be, or maybe they are…!!!

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