Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Life

My close friends Lauren and Tim recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jack (well lauren gave birth)!!! He is perfect, and adorable and so incredibly cute. I visited them in the hospital not even 24 hours after Jack came into this world. I held baby Jack in my arms and realized that not only a day ago he was INSIDE of Lauren....WHAT. That is the strangest thought and realization, just a day ago he was chilling out inside a bunch of fluid, INSIDE her body and now he's on the outside! I haven't quite managed to wrap my mind around this miracle yet, but God is pretty amazing!

I had the privilege of taking some pre-baby popping out pictures, only 2 days before Jack arrived. I think we cut it a little close!
Lauren and Tim you guys are going to be the most amazing parents, and i'm so excited for this new joyous adventure in your lives!!!

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