Monday, March 22, 2010

Carly Time

This blog is entirely dedicated to Carly and the 20 reasons i love her so!!!
1. the shape of she smile, her mouth actually turns up!
2. her laugh
3. her gift of sale shopping
4. her kindness
5. her sense of humor
6. her hairy legs (weg Laxing ;))
7. the fact that she writes status updates then rewrites them, deletes them and may write it again, then won't post it...i thought i was alone in this act.
8. i like when she sings
9. she will always try new things
10. she thinks I'm funny, or just laughs at me... either way I'm happy
11. she watches the O.C and Lost
12. she's only read the twilight series once
13. she gets motion sickness
14. shes really fun
15. her tattoo
16. her double nose piercing
17. her water bottle
18. the fact that she can speak French, English, Dutch and Spanish pretty soon!!!
19. she gets me
Carly i love you soo much and i can't wait to play with you again
You are beautiful in every way!!!
Oh what an adventure our friendship has been, and oh the adventures to come!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Emily, YOUR THE BEST!!!! :D this made me soooo happy and im so honored that i got a blog all to myself! :D :D YAY. i wish i had a blog so i could dedicate one to you! so just know that if i had one i would :) Aahh i cant wait for all our adventures to come! i know there will be many more. I love you sooooo much :)