Monday, February 22, 2010


Feb 20 2010 there i was sitting on the couch, big bowl of beef stew in hand. The smell of stew had been filling my home all day, the aroma was making my cheeks water. It was beauty in a bowl. As my mouth was enjoying this tasty meal i became a little parched. As i looked to the table in front of me, there was a full glass of water just staring at me. I think to myself "wow that water sure looks refreshing." So i call out to Alley and ask if its her water. She responds with "yes, but don't drink it!" I say ok...but in my head i'm thinking "i'm so going to drink it." Alley is known for taking your water, drinking it, and leaving the tiniest sip left. So when Alley told me not to drink it the first thing i do is reach for the refreshing glass and take a sip. After setting the glass back down Alley turns to me and says "NO EMILY YOU DID NOT JUST DRINK THAT...DID YOU???" looking up at her face of disbelief i say "Alley its not a big deal." Now alley has developed a smirk across her face "NO NO EMILY DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WAS?" still not understanding i say "alley i know your joking there is nothing wrong with the water, its fine your just joking." Then she says "NO EMILY THAT WAS MY LEG SHAVING WATER!!!!"
My mind has a flash back through the day, and i remember, for some odd reason Alley had decided to shave her legs in the living room and put her hair into the cup i had just drank from. Alley and my mom had now burst into laughter. I was left with 2 choices tears or laughter, luckily i chose laughter! Then Moriah and my dad come by saying "did you say butt hair water???" This leads to an increase of laughter as we explain what happened and they shared there confusion on how they thought Alley would have gotten her butt hair into the glass of water.
It was all pretty funny, until i say " you know Alley the water tasted fine, i didn't even get hair or anything in my mouth." Alley picks up the glass, seeing as how it had been sitting for a few hours...she holds it up and in a pile at the bottom sat her hair and skin follicles. YUCK!!!

Drinking hairy leg water is just another adventure i can take off the list!!!

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