Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things That Only Make Me Laugh

I find myself in a constant state of laughter, when surrounded by.... anything. Me and Alley were talking about the stupid things that make us laugh, i thought i would share them with you. 

The noise your eyelid makes when you pull it away from your eye. Gets me every time

The noise Digler makes when you squeeze her

Sticking coins to the wall with Jesus

The funny things my sisters say:
Moriah- Emily you make yourself sound so interesting, i'd even want to hang out with you. 

Alley- I like how weird our family is.

Emily- When i wear my retainer i think my mouth looks big.
Moriah- Its not just when you wear your retainer

When we do Eunice impressions from She's the Man... "im gonna be the best lab partner you've ever had!"

Moriah- Emily when i look at your face i want to watch Narnia (Moriah and Alley tell me i look like the scary bird witch lady) 

Anytime my mom has a laughing attack

Emily- i think i peed a little
Gabrielle- oh good, leak some of that glory on my bed! 

Moriahs lips quiver


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