Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whats That Smell???

The other day as i came home from school, i walked into my house to smell a weird sort of pee smell. I immediately said "what the heck is that smell?" Moriah responded with "probably the dogs, Diglers been juicing on me all day." "eww"i said. Satisfied with her answerI didn't let it further bother me. Then as i was sitting on the couch the smell kept wafting my way. "Moriah, that doesn't really smell like dog stink" "Emily its probably Sophies ear, remember when it was infected and it smelled bad?" "yeah, you're probably right" i proceeded to then lift Sophies ear and smell it. I didn't smell anything unusual. Through out the evening i kept smelling the terrible smell, when my dad and mom came home i said "dad can you smell that?" while he was also blaming the dogs a light bulb began blinking inside my head. "OH MY GOSH i know what the smell is! Its moms flowers!" I got up to them and took a whiff..."definatly the flowers they smell like pee" Mom laughs and says "no way i like them" Alley comments "mom yesterday you agreed that they smell like pee" "well i like them now" Dad adds in "oh gosh Kelley, no they stink!"
So far the flowers have not been moved from the living room and are still radiating the smell of pee, mom what are you thinking!
This is just another adventure in the Seletzky house hold.

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