Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

I promise im not obsessed, yes i have read the books but only once. Enjoy my thoughts!

I just got back from the theatre and found myself pondering the strange emotional attachment movies can have on us. It pulls at out heart strings, leaving us wanting more and full of emotion. I found that New Moon gave me a plethora of emotions, i cried and laughed and longed for intense romance. Now sitting on my couch i feel foolish that one movie could have done all this. Yet, i've come to realize its just apart of our human nature, relating to others, feeding off of relationships. However silly i may have felt for crying as Bella's heart was ripped from her chest, i could still hear many other girls sniffling in the quiet theatre. For we've come to feel as if we know these characters and long for there intense, and not always logical, but passionate relationship. So, i do believe its ok to get caught up in a make-believe vampire, human, werewolf love triangle. Its ok to allow my adrenaline to start pumping and my emotions to run wild because when those two hours are over i will be left in this world, my world, filled with my own relationships. I will have my own tears, laughter and love. But for those two hours i lived it as Bella did. Having an emotional and visual adventure all from the comfort of my seat! This adventure if one i will defiantly be taking again.

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