Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrifting Gems [vol. 2]

Hi guys, I decided to start a weekly or biweekly post on my Thrifting Gems. If you missed volume one (click HERE). Since I love thrifting so much and always want to share what I've found with you, then this just made sense. 

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Laura and we went hunting for some gems. I think what I love about thrifting is finding the treasure in what someone considered trash. 

Laura actually found that beautiful oversized jean jacket and in all her grace and kindness she let me have it. I feel forever indebted to her, because as the unwritten thrifting rule book states: 
~The first to see it and grab it gets to keeps it~
Also, isn't Laura absolutely beautiful. People sometimes confuse Stephane and I with her and her boyfriend and I always take it as a HUGE compliment. I mean LOOK AT HER, what a BABE! 

I also scored this honeycomb shaped mirror. I've yet to find a good home for it but boy I will! It's a great size and I'm loving the honeycomb shape lately. 

Are you guys enjoying summer? I'm so excited because next week i'm going to Ohio and we're going to vacation in the Outer Banks NC. I can't wait to be with my family and be by the ocean, I could scream i'm so happy :) 

Happy Summer friends! 

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