Thursday, March 13, 2014

Emily Faith Art

Hi guys, 
Some of you may have seen that i've been making little art prints lately. I've never been much of a painter but it turns out i'm not half bad (I think) and most importantly I've had so much fun painting! I'm a bit of a dreamer, so when people said they would buy/want my art prints I was more then a little excited. That would be a dream come true. Making money doing something that brings me so much life. UMM YES PLEASE!

I am now in process of creative a few custom prints, with the intention of selling them here on my blog. My friend Lauren does a similar thing on her blog (HERE).  

I'm really hoping this dream becomes a reality. I told Steph that even if I only made $50 total, that would be $50 made from something I created! I'm sure that feeling would be amazing. 

Below is a print I created, and am wanting to have available to sell. (also the Emily Faith Art, would not be on the original pictures of course.) 
What I would really love is some feedback, for example:

Do you guys think this is something I should pursue?
Would you be interested in a print, like actually and not just saying it to be nice? 
Quotes or words you would like for art prints? 
Any other feedback or ideas? 

Leave a comment below or on my Facebook. 
Thanks everyone 

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