Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Inspire Myself

Lately i've been writing more, not for you all to read but for my own personal satisfaction. I've thought about sharing them but decided against it for the time being.
Something i will share with you though, is a few sentences or pure imagination. I've found the most profound amounts of joy when i write sentences with no context and no meaning. Sentences that sound like they are right in the middle of story, a story that we will never know. My goal in writing them is to inspire thought, to inspire wonder and to simply inspire. Here are some of what i've written so far:
  • This was the day the hearts fell, the sun rose and all the flowers laughed to stop the rain.
  • She heard the sound of the whispering trees and new that grace had found it's horizon.
  • The melody beckoned him away into the moonlight, where little was known and hope was fulfilled.
  • Atlas, the house began to hush and the voices from beyond her door got quieter and quieter, as they left one by one; until only destiny was knocking.
  • Down it went, lost into the darkness. Only to be found by the little ones, the ones who cherish the simple and see beyond the light.
Inspired yet, probably not. If these sentences only bring me joy then thats enough for me because it's what i find beautiful. It's what inspires me!

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