Thursday, April 7, 2011


The things i aspire to be, the lifestyle i long to live and the people i want to spend it with. All things i think about often. Wanting life to be as simple and as beautiful as a warms summers night, a hot cup of tea, or the perfect melody. I long for days of endless laughter with friends who know your everything, those quite moments when words need not spoken, long drives with the perfect playlist to accompany. For times when worry isn't a thought in my mind, and life's mundane happenings are far off and nowhere to be found. For days when everyone i love could be near, living happy and free. I dream of being surrounded by constant beauty and forever in love with the life i live, because it's the life i've chosen. Is this too much to ask? Too nostalgic to be real ? Some might think yes. I would say that these moment happen to me daily, i often let them pass me by. But for a fleeting moment i will often get a taste of what simplicity looks like. Then i know i will never stop dreaming, hoping and believing in the things that make me come alive! It's the best adventure a girl could ever ask for.

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