Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh EMEELLEEE What Have You Done

A few weeks ago my little sister went to the dentist, i made a comment to my father mentioning that I couldn't remember that last time i went to the dentist. He proceeded to schedule me an appointment.
As we sat in the dentist office filling out some paper work, a question read…How long since your last dentist appointment? After a few minutes me and dad came to the conclusion that it had been seven years since my last appointment, yes SEVEN years!
My name was called and i headed down the hallway, i sat down, leaned back and met my dentist. She was a very comical women, had a wonderful accent(something European), and didn't smell!
I opened my mouth wide and she began to poke around.
"Oh Emeeleee, what have you done?"
She then showed me my teeth on the TV screen as she held a little camera in my mouth. Then she told me the news.
That is more than one cavity a year. My only defense was that i work at an ice-cream store that makes chocolates.
Luckily all i could do was laugh, i can't take my teeth to seriously, I'm just happy that their straight.
I will be getting eight filling, that will be four appointments. Two teeth each time. If you were wondering which teeth, well it's my back top two on the right and left side and the back bottom two on my right and left side.
I'm a little ashamed…but not really!
Life lesson: don't wait 7 years before you go to the dentist, especially when you work in a candy store!
An adventure my mouth will never forget

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