Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

We have all had embarrassing moments, and some of us get embarrassed a little easier then others. Like me, I get embarrassed by the littlest things, having my cheeks turn bright red in 2 seconds.
One embarrassing moment of mine took place my sophomore year, in Biology class. We had 5 minutes left in class and most of my fellow class mates were now clustered by the door awaiting the bell. My friend Ally and i had hung back by our seats, i decided to walk up to the trash can and spit out my gum. I reached the trash which was probally about 1 ft in diameter. I looked down at it; and in my head i thought, i hope i manage to drop my gum in the trash, that would be pathetic if i missed. To my own dread, as i let the gum fall from my mouth, it missed the foot wide opening and instead fell beside it, splat, onto the floor. I quickly pull a prairie dog move and look around frantically. Relief…no one has noticed that somehow i could not get something as small as a piece of gum into an open trash can. Oh the humility. Ally has now walked up beside me talking to our other friend, and in my mind i know i still have to pick the gum up off the ground. So as i begin to bend down, Ally decides to hip bump me. This causes me to collapse to the floor, with the trash in between my legs and my gum sitting next to me, as if to say "yeah it sucks don't it".

Another horrifying moment happend my 7th grade year. It was an icy winter morning and i was standing in my driveway awaiting my bus. I could see it turning the corner yet it was not slowing down, my head followed the bus as it drove past me. Now in a stupor over my next action, i see the bus come to a halt about 15 houses down. I stair at the bus for a moment before i realize its not turning around and instead i have to walk to it. This of course would not have been a problem except that the sidewalks were covered in ice. I started to walk realizing it was going to take a little while. So i picked up my pace almost at a jog, I kept having to stop and walk for a few steps where it was especially icy. Out of breath and frozen, i finally reach the bus. As i step on, my bus driver did not apologize but just stared at me. I took my usual spot near the back, next to my friend Kalie. The bus was quiet except for a few whispers, i lean over to Kalie, making a comment about what had just happened. She looks at the me and says "Emily the entire bus was watching you, and hysterically laughing. Why did you keep running and stopping"? Horrified i then realized that i was the mockery of the bus and my odd walk/run in the freezing cold, was a comic relief to everyone but me. To this day when i think back on the story i can't manage to laugh. I know eventually i will find it funny too.

These adventures are ones i hope i don't repeat
talk to you laters alligators
Emily Faith

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