Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peter Pan

I've decided to start a blog, I can't tell you if I will succeed but I can tell you I will try...for a little bit anyway. I was thinking about what I could write my first entry on, it didn't take long for me to decide that Peter Pan made the most logical sense. Seeing as how Peter Pan is such an inspiration. Reasons that I love Peter Pan:
  • Me, Ally and Nora had a wonderful adventure at the beach and discovered Neverland was within our grasps all along.
  • The movie Hook... I think this needs no explanation!
  • Neverland captures my life moto that I will mature into childlikeness! Besides we have all wanted to stay a child forever, with a crazy imagination where everything seems possible. oh to live as a 5 year old forever...what a life that would be.
  • Neverland seems to be an endless ADVENTURE
  • I'd get to hang out with Peter Pan
  • Mermaids exist!
  • Fairies can be your best friends, oh did you know that fairies are so tiny that they can only have one feeling at a time, so any feeling they have consumes there entire being.
  • Every single Peter Pan movie is amazing, except the sequels but those don't count.
  • Oh i almost forgot you can fly just by thinking happy thought and with a little help from fairy dust, but fairy dust shouldn't be a problem to acquire considering they would be your best friends.
  • Peter Pan just makes me really happy!
If you actually took the time to read my chaotic thoughts, then I hope you now appreciate Peter Pan a little more. I will end my first post with this...

To live will be an awfully big adventure!

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  1. Emily, you live in a world where angels exists and God is wild, fly away with the King!