Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is my 3rd attempt at beginning this post, my first two attempts consisted of the fall leaves and a rant about how I just took the ACT for a second time and probably failed. Both I realized were not anything worth reading. Come on if you're going to take 5 minutes out of your day and read my thoughts, I figure they better be some darn good thoughts. Not thoughts like, oh I have a wedgie...wedgie rhymes with veggie. Which reminds me of Veggie Tales! Why don't any Veggie Tale characters have arms or legs or hands or feet, that can be quite confusing for little ones minds. Especially when they drive and eat and play ball and row oars, I guess thats just another of life's great mysteries.
Speaking of life mysteries, how do sugar cubes stick together? Someone once told me that sugar cubes are melted together but that can't be true because how come you can see each individual sugar grain, huh answer me that :D
If my sister Gabrielle ever tells you that rainbow are actually circles and thats why you can't find the end, don't believe her. I've already made a fool of myself sharing that one with people and trust me even though its a good idea, its not true. I googled it.
I like my toes! Some people think feet are gross, not me I like them, and not in a creepy way DAD!!! Toes are just funny looking, especially Seletzky toes. They are wonderful in there unique ugliness.
Don't you hate when you get a song stuck in you're head and you only know one line, and you only actually know 3 of the words in that line and the rest you make up.
Rusted Roots sings, Send me on my way and for the longest time I used to sing " I would like to hold my little high" defiantly not the words, its " I would like to hold my little hand."
There is also a song called Black Roses red by Alana Grace, the song says "honestly i'm standing here afraid i'll be betrayed" and of course I sing very loud so when I mess up words its obvious. Anyways I always sing " Honestly i'm standing here afraid i'll be the train?" I felt a little stupid when my friends stopped the music and said "wait what did you just say? hahaha"
WHY OH WHY do noses never stop growing? That doesn't make sense at all, almost every other body part does. I think ears always grow too.
Why can I touch my toes while sitting on the floor and stretching but not while standing?
Why can't I teleport?
This has been Adventures with Emily Faith, see ya!!!


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  2. Lol. Nice stream of consciousness there Emily :) Google that. Oh, and its Rusted Root. Just Rusted Root. Not Rusted Tree Root. :p