Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Chevron Cork Board

I made this cork board a few months ago and it was much harder then I thought it would be. Turns out you need to do some math if you want your chevron pattern to actually be proportionate. I had heard other people say they just eyeballed it and it turned out great. Well I tried eyeballing it and it was horrible....soooo I got a friend to help. My friend Jenelle did all the measuring and math for me. She helped me get the first lines of tape down and then it's easy from there.  

Things you need for this project: 
  • 1 cork board (this was an old cork board that my mother-in law didn't want so I gladly took it off her hands) 
  • tape 
  • scissors 
  • exacto knife
  • paint 
  • tape measure 
  • pencil 
1. Measure and mark equal distances for your zig zags. 
2. Tape the first line of zig zag pattern, we started from the top, but I think you could start from the bottom too. 
3. Continue taping the rest of the board. This is a little time consuming and if you really are great at eyeballing measurements you wouldn't have to tape every line. 
4. once the whole board is taped, begin to peel off every other line. I wanted my lines thicker so I left 2 pieces of tape and then peeled off 2 pieces of tape. 
5. I had to use an exacto knife to clean things up. 
5. Once you have your pattern, paint in the lines. 
6. Peel off the tape!
7. Paint the edge if you want to. 
8. Behold your finished product. 

Beginning of step 4. 

This is what your board will start to look like as you peel away the tape. 

All ready to be painted. 

All painted, and the tape has been peeled off. 

I painted the edge, to finish the look. 

Finished product 

Hope this inspires you to create something fun of your own. 

Show some love and leave a comment, have a great day! 

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